Why choose sales?

Quite simply, every businesses’ growth depends on the amount of sales they do.

At The Promotions Company we believe that sales are one of the most important skills anyone can learn in life, and we are fortunate to work with some of the most talented sales people, not only within our business in the South West, but across the UK, that we network and share skills with.

If you have the ability to promote products and services, you have skills that are highly sought after by any company in the world. They enable you to communicate effectively with your peers as well as people of different ages and backgrounds, give you great customer service skills, as well as developing your work ethic and your ability to tackle challenges and the confidence to close people effectively.

We are looking for people with both existing sales experience as well as those that are interested in learning how to sell, how to promote products and services and how to develop their customer service and communication skills.

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