Meet The Team

After graduating from Manchester University with a 2:1 in Geography and ending up working in bars for a couple of years, I was looking for something a little bit different where I could progress, and I came across the Direct Sales Industry as it didn’t require any experience in business. My initial plan was to learn and develop my sales and promotional skills from people already successful in the industry, but after spending some time developing these skills I decided I wanted to provide the same opportunity to others that I had been given, and decided to set up my own company, with The Promotions Company being established in 2019. I am now excited to grow the business and looking for future entrepreneurs who want to develop their own skills and potentially take on greater responsibility within the industry.
Having studied Graphic Design, and then working in the Interior Design Industry for many years, I started working within the direct sales business after looking for a new challenge, and was instantly attracted to the positivity and motivation within the sector. Working within the sales and promotions team for two years, my people and organisational skills were recognised in 2013 when I was headhunted to work with the recruitment and administration team and I then worked with offices across the UK, concentrating on developing new recruitment and coaching methods.
When the opportunity arose to partner up with Phil in 2019 to set up The Promotions Company, I was excited to be part of a new generation of direct sales companies, and to rewrite the rule book whilst looking for the next entrepreneurs to work with and develop. Thriving off the positive environment, I am excited to work closely with our new offices across the country and grow the business with Phil to hit our 50 offices goal.
Having loved university life at UWE studying Marketing, I realised I wanted more control over my life, and a lifestyle based on my own terms. Direct Sales has given me the control and direction I wanted. A lifestyle where I had enough free time to do what I want and travel where I want; from Sri Lanka to Miami networking with entrepreneurs, whilst earning money on my terms. Since joining The Promotions Company 18 months ago, I’ve not only been able to reap the rewards of working hard, I have developed life changing skills. Having multiple streams of income; learning to coach, train and manage others, as well as making a real difference for the clients we representing. Developing myself everyday and passing skills on to others has been an amazing journey with opening my own office Exeter being the next step.
Before joining The Promotions Company, I had been studying law with the aim to be a solicitor. Initially joining as just a summer job, once I got a deeper understanding of the business and could see the opportunities it could give me, as well as the skills I was gaining, I decided to stay. I love the fact that it constantly challenges me to be a better version of myself, as well as developing great relationships with my colleagues. The most important aspect for me though is the fact that I can call on an international network of support, constantly learn new things and be in full control of my progression. Having worked with The Promotions Company for the past 2 years now, my goal is now to open and run my own business and to give more people the same opportunities I have been given.
Before joining this industry I worked in the hospitality and retail sectors, but always knew I wanted to work in sales and I joined The Promotions Company after realising this was the
perfect way to develop my sales skills whilst at the same time working towards my dream career. Instantly inspired by working with so many young hard working entrepreneurs, the skills I have picked up are endless and I find I am constantly learning and developing mysel . The skills I have learnt is too many to list. I am consistently learning new skills everyday I’m in this industry. Working with a motivated and enthusiastic team in infectious and being able to work along side the founder of the company on a daily basis is something that is so rare in many other businesses. Being in a performance role allows me to push to my full potential and given the support by all my fellow peers is a dream. I am now working towards completing our development programme and opening my own office this year.
Looking for a part time role whilst I was studying for a degree in Accounting, I joined The Promotions Company about 18 months ago. The two things that attracted me the most were the outgoing and friendly people in the team as well as the opportunity to develop my communication and sales skills. Initially I wasn’t looking to progress, but the environment was so supportive that within a couple of a months I decided to start building a sales team. After realising I could process quickly and create a great career for myself within the industry, I decided to stay and have now relocated to London and now moving towards opening up our second Canary Wharf Office, as well as buying my first property in Central London.
Having previously worked around the world as an Outsource and Off-Shoring Director for a global Swiss Bank, I returned to the UK looking for a new challenge and how to take my existing skills into a new direction.
Having found the Direct Sales Industry, I realised it was the ideal way for me to use my existing skills as well as develop new ones. I loved the fact that I was in charge of my own destiny and income, whilst being able to teach like minded people who could do the same, and I found this incredibly rewarding.
Now based in North Devon, I am excited to be able to expand The Promotions Company across Devon and Cornwall and opening up new locations.