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The Promotions Company is a specialist direct marketing company. We are contracted to represent a variety of businesses that either do not have their own sales/marketing team or find that it is much more economical to outsource the work. We provide these companies with a dedicated, product trained and professional team to market their products and/or services. If you have more questions please visit our FAQ page.

Clients We Represent

We serve a range of national and international brands by helping them deliver exciting sales and marketing campaigns direct to communities within Bristol and South West.  Direct Marketing is defined by the ‘HUMAN COMMERCIAL’ allowing these multinational brands to provide a personal touch to potential customers and an effective face to face sales channel. The Promotions Company’s sales and promotions teams provide these services in predetermined locations, exhibitions, supermarkets, retail stores and residentially.

Clients in both the commercial and not for profit sectors use our sales and promotions teams as we have the highest level of customer service in the direct sales industry.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

We serve national companies by helping them deliver exciting sales and marketing campaigns direct to the community of London.

What we do ?

What we do ?

We Provide leading brands a one-stop solution for all their face-to-face customer acquisition and promotional needs. We are dedicated to providing new customers and generating the best possible return of investment for the clients.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

The Promotions Company generates massive brand awareness and will deliver unprecedented volumes of new customers through the use of our trademark personal advertising approach the “Human Commercial”.

Who do we do it for?

The typical organisation we work with is aiming to:

  • Increase sales
  • Generate New Business
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Focus their resources where they will get maximum results

We provide all this and more through our word of mouth marketing campaigns delivered by an enthusiastic, committed and professional team. We recognize that each client has its own individual needs and requires a unique solution. No two clients are the same, no two campaigns are the same, no two presentations are the same – we love being unique. Our company concept has been to fuse an outstanding marketing technique with incredible career opportunities for our team

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We Thrive Ourselves On The Opportunities We Create

Just one of our core values is to provide opportunity; we have huge growth plans. What will ensure our ability to continue to grow is the time we spend in investing and developing the team.

Sales Success

Sales Success Pioneer Advertising is a sales and results driven business – the success of our individual Sales people and our sales teams ensure a great return on investment for our clients.

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Business Development

Everyone is given the same degree of training, mentoring and support to help them to build their profile within the organization and everyone has the opportunity to progress through the programme at their own speed.

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Route To Market

Learn the essential elements of sales, customer services and providing client services, Learn how to plan for the future and to train & develop individuals. Become skilled at coaching.

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