With 6,500 spoken languages in the world, it’s not a surprise there isn’t a universal one. A language which is comprehensive and understandable to people of all ages, body language however, can be read by all.

A smile is a simple language. It is uncomplicated, simple to learn, and more powerful than any other form of communication. We use a sincere smile to make friends, congratulate, welcome and support others. A bright smile shows happiness and satisfaction, and smiling from the bottom of the heart expresses genuine care. There have been experiments conducted all over the world trying to discover the benefits of smiling. Our favourite perhaps being the surprising power of smiles helping to improve our lives in almost every aspect.

New opportunities are around the corner…

Many times, a smile is the door to opportunities in life. Smiling promotes joy, personability and pleasantries, all of which are signs that you are approachable, whether that be for advice, work or a relationship.

Smiling is the key to understanding your audience, or at least gaining insight into their character. It is very rare that you’ll smile directly at someone without reciprocation; smiles are contagious! Offering a smile to someone who seems nervous or self-conscious is sometimes all they need to feel a sense of relief and relax into their activity. It puts the task in hand in perspective slightly, letting them know we’re all only human, not monsters to fear or feel intimidated by.

A smile is the most amazing truth on a person’s face; Mother Nature has given us our smiles as the window to our hearts and souls. The more you smile, the more that says about your personality. Charm and smiles can be applied to marketing and branding as well you know, and you’ll be surprised by its results.

Branding is Powerful

How people, or brands, make you feel is quite often the deciding factor when choosing whether or not to interact. A smiling face versus a grumpy grimace, we know who we’d go with…

The face of the brand is not the only contributor however. If the employees within the company consist of happy, optimistic, positive individuals, the ripple effect is massive. Great customer service, repeat customer, word of mouth and job satisfaction, which in turn increase profits, clients and business.

A feeling will be remembered more so than words, you may not remember the name, but the smile the other party has to offer helps memorise the personality of the smiling person, thus helping him/her remember them.

Before simply telling others to smile, you must first start smiling yourself, set the example for others to follow.